Off/white t-shirt viscose

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Slim-fit viscose t-shirt with a gold print and small black studs. Fold over at the sleeves. Nice basic in your summer closet.


  • Washable at max 30 degrees.
  • Viscose / elastane.
  • Be aware that viscose can shrink and you can solve this again by ironing it through heat stretches the fiber again. 
  • Viscose shares many properties with, for example, cotton.
  • It absorbs moisture well 
  • Viscose is a breathable fabric 
  • Comfortable and soft to wear 
  • Absorbs moisture better than cotton 
  • Viscose fabric works well against sweat. Like other rayon fabrics, it absorbs moisture better than cotton. It also breathes well, which gives sweat a chance to dry and does not stick to your body.