about Looxs Revolution


We believe that "loving yourself" is the biggest revolution. So love yourself, be kind to others and we will create your L O O X S. A stylish collection with unexpected details, beautiful artworks, a touch of glitter, but always with a fun and sporty twist. You can choose and change your L O O X S whenever you want. Mix your own style and express yourself.

A brand for the Girl, who owns her L O O X S! 


LOOXS Revolution brings 7 coordinated deliveries per year for girls only, divided by 2 collections; Little and Girls

Little Looxs is our comfy toddler collection in the sizes 92 till 128

Looxs Girls is made for the good looking fashionable teen girls, in the size group 116 till 176

Each delivery has its own color pallet that makes it easy to mix and match. Our styling team is inspired by what happens in ladies collections, they follow this and translate it to Child collections where portability and comfort are key core values. You will never find Mini me's at LOOXS, we believe that a child may always be a child.