about Looxs Revolution


We believe that "loving yourself" is the biggest revolution. So love yourself, be kind to others and we will create your L O O X S. A stylish collection with unexpected details, beautiful artworks, a touch of glitter, but always with a fun and sporty twist. You can choose and change your L O O X S whenever you want. Mix your own style and express yourself.

A brand for the Girl, who owns her L O O X S! 

LOOXS Little - LOOXS 10sixteen - LXS the female concept

LOOXS Revolution brings 7 coordinated deliveries per year for girls only, divided by 2 collections; Little and Girls

LOOXS Little

We believe that loving yourself is the greatest revolution.

Love yourself, be kind to others and we will create your L O O X S.


LOOXS Little, the charming and slightly cheeky little sister, conquers our hearts.

Girly and cute, but also bold and appealing.

LOOXS Little embodies the daring spirit of playful young girls.

You can choose and change your L O O X S anytime you wany.

Mix your own style and express yourself.


The girls are our muses, and their playful minds inspire us every day.

LOOXS Little is available in the sizes: 92 till 134.

LOOXS 10sixteen 

LOOXS Revolution is sending a powerful message;

'Loving yourself is the ultimate revolution”.                                                                                                                                                                                                       

This sentence challenges traditional beauty standards, inviting teenagers to embrace their individuality and redefine the meaning of confidence through style.
Join this movement, asserting that true empowerment begins with embracing one’s unique identity.
10sixteen collection is not just about fashion, it’s a celebration of self-expression and the profound impact that loving yourself can have on personal style and beyond.

LOOXS 10sixteen is available in the sizes: 128 till 176.

LXS the female concept

Step into the world of LXS the female concept, where every woman tells her story through style. We believe in the power of femininity and creativity, inviting you to discover your own unique style. Our collections feature the most beautiful all-over prints, trendy items, and everyday essentials.

Be inspired by our designs and make a statement with LXS – where fashion and femininity converge in a unique concept.

You can mix and match the looxs as you please, and even wear them together with your mini-me. Create your own style!